Targeted sequencing can be an excellent alternative to whole genome sequencing.  By focusing capture and sequencing to the genomic regions of highest interest, researchers can increase the probability of finding informative SNPs and causative mutations.  Combined with multiplex sequencing and deep coverage, targeted sequencing can be an extremely cost-effective method of performing sequence-based population studies.


For your targeted sequencing project, Centrillion starts by discussing with you the experimental design.  We go over the regions of interest, the samples sizes you need and the sequence coverage you require.  We then design capture probes and perform in-silico testing.  Before deploying on your samples we perform validation checks.  Upon sample receipt, Centrillion quantifies the DNA and performs quality checks on each sample to ensure success downstream.  Samples are multiplexed and sequenced to the required coverage depth.  After sequencing, standard bioinformatics analyses are performed. Custom analysis packages are also available.

Service Features

  • User-defined custom regions
  • Sequencing of entire sample set
  • Deep sequencing gives the highest confidence calls
  • Extensive bioinformatics analysis return usable data now
  • Cost-effective


Targeted sequencing projects can be cumbersome in probe design, validation and testing.  Samples may not be of highest concentration or integrity.  Post-sequencing data analysis can be daunting, especially for projects with hundreds or thousands of samples.

How Centrillion Can Help You Perform Targeted Sequencing Studies

Centrillion is at the forefront of innovation in targeted sequencing.  From probe design and validation to sequencing and analysis, Centrillion is ready to help you discover more.  Building on our expertise in library preparation from difficult samples followed by state of the art next-generation sequencing, Centrillion offers you cost-effective capability to streamline your targeted sequencing projects.  After sequencing is completed, Centrillion can provide a custom bioinformatics package tailored to your research program.

The Centrillion Advantage

Centrillion is dedicated to moving medical and academic programs forward from discovery to the clinic. Our dedicated team supports research programs by performing high-throughput genotyping, mutation-based disease research, array-based cytogenetics, next-generation sequencing, assay development and informatics analyses. The company has recently expanded capabilities to allow for custom research projects and collaborations including preclinical and some clinical research services.