RNA-Seq is a method using high-throughput deep sequencing technologies for complete (or near complete) transcriptome characterization. Transcriptome studies are useful for discerning functional genomics relating to how alleles are expressed, tissue specific expression patterns, organismal and strain variation in expression patterns and differential expression in disease conditions.

RNA-Seq and transcriptome projects begin with total RNA extraction usually followed by library construction.  You may request globin reduction or rRNA subtraction. High-throughput sequencing is carried out, adaptor sequences are removed informatically and sequences are aligned and mapped back to a reference genome.

Service Features

  • Prepare RNA-seq Libraries. Starting with quality checking total RNA, we can sequence mRNAs, microRNAs, small RNAs, etc.  Strand specific RNA-seq and globin and ribosomal RNA reduction are available.
  • Sequence to Desired Depth. We can help identify and sequence to the optimal coverage, whether it is 10M or >100M reads per sample.
  • Sequence with Desired Read Length. Whether it is 1×50 Single-Read or 2×250 Paired-End, we can help determine the desired read length for your experiment.
  • Extensive Bioinformatics Analysis Packages. Analyze novel transcripts, alternative splice sites, and expression levels in one experiment.
  • Fastest Data Turnaround in the Industry.  Two-day turnaround available


Getting exceptional results for transcriptome studies are dependent on removing tRNAs and rRNAs. Centrillion’s scientists are experts at handling RNA and will work closely with you to quality check your total RNA providing quality metrics for review.  Accurate quantification of RNAs is essential to optimizing cluster density and maximizing total sequence yield.

How Centrillion Can Help You Perform RNA Sequencing Studies

Your project may require deep de-novo or resequencing of human, other eukaryote, microbial, viral or metagenomic transcriptomes. We can help you define the required coverage, identify samples needed, advise on or perform RNA isolations, prepare libraries, perform the sequencing and analyze the data.

Centrillion is dedicated to moving medical and academic programs forward from discovery to the clinic. Our dedicated team supports research programs by performing high-throughput genotyping, mutation-based disease research, array-based cytogenetics, next-generation sequencing, assay development and informatics analyses. The company has recently expanded capabilities to allow for custom research projects and collaborations including preclinical and some clinical research services.