Q: Who are Centrillion’s clients?

A: Principal investigators, biotech researchers, postdocs and grad students; anyone in need of high-throughput genotyping, expression analysis, or sequencing support. Common research areas include: hereditary diseases, agricultural genetics, veterinary genetics, population genetics, and pharmacogenomics.

Q: Who should I contact to discuss my project?

A: You can send an email to services@centrilliontech.com and a project manager will contact you to initiate a discussion and help in scoping the project.

Q: What is the average turnaround time for a project?

A: Turnaround time varies for each project, but we can offer priority scheduling and rapid delivery. Most projects can be completed in 2-4 weeks, depending on sample prep requirements and volume. If your core lab is overwhelmed and causing project delays, CALL US.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Prices vary according to the type of service, number of samples, starting material, requested turnaround time, and required bioinformatics support. We provide competitive pricing and volume discounts.

Q: How does Centrillion ensure quality control?

A: Before starting work on your samples, Centrillion Genomic Services performs quality control (QC) to ensure your samples will perform well. You will be notified of sample quality and the expected level of success for your project. Centrillion performs QC at key checkpoints in sample preparation. See workflows on our website for details about QC methods and checkpoints, http://services.centrillionbio.com/ hover over services, choose Sequencing and select the application of interest.

Q: What is required for sequencing samples?

A: We request at least 1μg of high quality DNA in 40μL of a low-salt buffer such as TE or nuclease free water. We accept genomic DNA and RNA. For RNA work, we request 1μg total RNA if possible. Speak with our program manager if you have specific project needs, have input mass less than 1ug or require DNA or RNA isolation services.

Q: Do you perform nucleic acid extraction?

A: We do not perform nucleic acid extractions in-house however we can serve a project management role to facilitate getting your biospecimen DNA or RNA isolated or can recommend reputable labs that specialize in DNA and RNA isolation.

Q: What kind of bioinformatics support do you offer?

A: Centrillion offers a comprehensive suite of Illumina(R) bioinformatics software as well as others. We utilize a Centrillion built pipeline for standard analyses and implement Sentieon(R) software for speed and accuracy where appropriate. Customized bioinformatics support is available.

Q: Where is the work done?

A: Sample preparation, QC, sequencing and bioinformatics is completed in our laboratories located in Palo Alto, CA.

Q: How do I send my samples?

A: If you are nearby our facility you can schedule a drop-off time with a Centrillion project manager. Alternatively, you can ship via overnight express carrier to Centrillion Genomic Services Lab to

Attn: Services Lab Centrillion Biosciences, Inc. 2500 Faber Place, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Samples must be packaged as per the instructions provided in the shipping/drop off instructions sent to you upon receipt of your purchase order. Do not ship over weekends or holidays.

Q: Do you accept projects that require only part of a flow cell?

A: Yes, although we can offer faster turn around times for a full flow cell, 8 lanes, we do accommodate smaller projects. If you choose to submit a smaller project, turnaround time will depend on scheduling other projects to complete the flow cell.  Your Centrillion project manager will keep you updated on forecasted sequencing run dates.

Q: How do I get updates on my project?

A: Your Centrillion project manager notifies you with progress reports and QC information. We maintain an open line of communication with your team throughout the project. We can also provide ongoing support after the data has been delivered if needed. All projects are completed on a highly collaborative basis.

Q: How do I receive my data?

A: Data is provided through secure FTP sites or shipment of a hard drive.

Q: How long does Centrillion store my data on their servers?

A: Centrillion stores customer data for 90 days after delivery.  Data is automatically deleted after 90 days.  Therefore, we recommend that customers create appropriate backups for their data as soon as they receive the data either via FTP or external data drive.

Q: What happens to the remainder of my samples?

A: All remaining samples will be handled according to the customer’s instructions as indicated on the project profile form.  Choices include destroying the remaining samples, storage at Centrillion, or return shipment. Storage and return shipment incur additional charges.