Centrillion offers bioinformatics analysis for all of our sequencing applications, including Exome, RNA-seq Transcriptomics, RRBS and WGS. Empowered by Sentieon DNA, data analysis turnaround time is rapid. To learn more about Sentieon DNA and how it compares to GATK, the gold standard for accurate variant calling, click here.  

Standard bioinfomatics offered with each of the sequencing applications are shown below. We  also offer custom bioinformatics support. Please contact us to discuss your custom bioinformatics analysis needs.

Exome Sequencing

  • Align reads to reference genome
  • Identify variants, SNVs, SNPs, short in/dels
  • Compare to the latest dbSNP
  • Annotate, classify as introns, exons, UTRs, coding regions
  • Annotate exon SNP class i.e., synonymous vs. non-synonymous
  • Report relative position to important genomic features, i.e., GWAS SNPs, conserved genomic elements

RNA Sequencing

  • Align reads to reference genome
  • Assemble transcripts and compare to reference transcriptome
  • Identify novel transcripts
  • Analyze expression levels
  • Provide RPKM FPKM values if requested
  • Compare expression levels between samples if applicable


  • Analyze genotype calls using Genome Studio
  • Perform CNV analysis
  • Generate genotyping analysis reports by sample and by locus
  • Convert data to user requested format for other analysis tools, such as PLINK

Reduced Representation Bi-Sulphite Sequencing (RRBS)

  • Raw read preprocessing and quality control
  • Read alignment with human reference genome GRCh37
  • Extraction of methylation regions and levels
  • Differential methylation analysis

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

  • Align with reference genome, if available
  • De novo assembly
  • Custom bioinformatics