shutterstock_245479576 Centrillion is a genomic service and solution provider as well as a technology innovator that performs routine and custom projects to help researchers get the most out of their data. Our advanced, proprietary technologies and extensive genomics expertise  expand the boundaries of what ‘s possible, empowering scientists by providing them with high quality, high confidence data. This expertise also enables us to successfully perform projects that other service providers simply cannot.


HIGH QUALITY DATA-Technology and Genomic Experts

The quality of your scientific results depend on many factors. Your results and observations form the basis of future research as well as enhancing the success of your research program. At Centrillion, we are more than NGS service providers, we are experts in the technology of achieving the best possible results. You will have confidence knowing that you have entrusted your important project and precious samples to experts in technology development, sequencing, bioinformatics, and genomic sciences. High quality genomic data is key to scientific success: Centrillion delivers superior data.

  • Optimal data results in quality research and scientific success. Publications, grant proposals, drug or diagnostic development all depend on having transcendent information. Centrillion’s unparalleled data quality helps you achieve your research goals.
  • Productivity is enhanced: With confidence that you have the right data, your lab can move forward with your science; no need to repeat experiments.
  • Our technological expertise and proprietary approaches, give us the ability to do projects others can’t. Bring us your problem project: we’ll solve it.


CUSTOMER COLLABORATIONS: Custom Projects and Consultation to Meet Customers’ Needs

Our customers’ main area of focus is answering scientific questions; NGS is a means to that end. Our focus is to help them get their projects performed expertly, efficiently and easily. To accomplish this we interface, listen and collaborate. Unlike “NGS Factories” we are a partner/provider. Our goal is to fully understand your research goals and work to help you achieve them. Our expertise in this realm enables customers to focus on what they do best, saving them time and the tasks of determining how best to address their problems so that they can focus on their core scientific challenges. You don’t need to be genomic experts to attain expert data; that’s our job and we are highly adept at it.

  • Centrillion experts will assist in the design of projects to optimize results and enhance project effectiveness.
  • Client Centric: Customers focus on the science. Centrillion offers consultative input/suggestions/ideas to address project challenges.
  • Optimal Outcome: Our experience and expertise in solving even the most difficult challenges increases your likelihood of success.
  • Our informatics capabilities support your data interpretation efforts; accelerating grant writing, time to publication, and follow-on research.


PROJECT COMPLETION: Rapid Turn-Around and Adhering to Customer Commitments

As important as having projects completed in a timely manner, it is vital that a service provider meets its commitments on project timelines. Delays in outsourced services can set back projects, altering the coordination of various aspects of the work plan in a lab, costing time, money and productivity. With continuous customer contact to eliminate guessing and sliding timelines, Centrillion excels in rapid turn-around and commitment to delivery.  Our customers know when their project will be completed and can plan their science accordingly. We can also offer custom project turn-around for those who need accelerated delivery to meet vital deadlines.

  • Productivity: Time commitments enable customers to plan their downstream experiments effectively. The lab and personnel can be prepared, knowing when they will receive results, and begin work immediately.
  • Research Success: Rapid results can make an important difference in a lab’s success, whether it’s to meet grant deadlines, being first to publish, or achieving a timely breakthrough in drug or diagnostic development, rapid turnaround is critical in today’s competitive scientific environment.


COST-EFFECTIVE: The Best in Data, Consultation and Turn-Around at Highly Competitive Pricing

The benefits of Centrillion’s services are accessible to all labs because we deliver all of the above at cost-competitive pricing. As molecular biology, biochemistry and genomic technology experts we know how to carry out projects leveraging both commercial and proprietary resources.  Highly effective time management and our technological innovations facilitate project execution, all of which saves our clients money.

  • More samples for the money means better scientific results because you have better discovery power, better statistics using a larger N.
      • Better Science: Deeper coverage, more sequencing, more data, more samples and, as a result, more effective science is made possible via lower costs.
      • Centrillion can deliver the highest ROI, enabling academic, industry, and government researchers worldwide to make the most of their limited budgets and utilize our services for their success.