• Optimal Data to Advance, Enhance, Your Research Success
  • Technologically Innovative to Solve Your Genomic Challenges
  • Productivity/Success: Our Expertise Advances Your Science

Highest quality data forms the basis of superior science. The foundation of your research project relies on optimal genomic analysis results. Our technological and Genomic Expertise enable us to deliver QUALITY RESULTS to support the success of your scientific project.


  • Experts Work with You to Enhance Project Effectiveness
  • Collaborators to Design and Execute Your Project Successfully
  • We Consult with Customers to Understand and Meet Their Needs

Centrillion Scientists partner with our customers to achieve optimal results. Not just a service provider, we’re fellow scientists who collaborate and consult to understand your challenges and goals, then apply our expertise to overcome obstacles and help you achieve success.


  • Rapid Project Turn-Around, Enhancing Research Productivity
  • Communication, Commitment: On-Time Project Completion
  • Quality, Productivity, Collaboration: Done Cost-Effectively

We meet project completion commitments, enabling customers to plan and efficiently execute their research. Timely results add to their efficiency, enabling them to finish rapidly; a competitive advantage. Cost-effectiveness allows for more samples to be analyzed, potentially yielding superior study results.